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Chilled Beams

Vector Air Flow & Chilled Beam Cooling “A marriage made in heaven”

Chilled Beam behind Vector FiltersTwo advanced technologies are brought together to combine true “green, clean” environments with double energy efficiency, precise control and low or no maintenance. Vector air flow was first developed for cancer tissue culture and stem cell research clean room laboratory at SCRIPPS research and medical center.

Chilled beam cooling technology has proven successful in Europe and countries faced with critical energy related economics. Clean rooms and associated clean room environments generate a “heat load” that is generally compensated by larger, more expensive high energy use air conditioning systems.

By utilizing the most practical high efficacy particulate air (HEPA) filtering system and the most efficient and economical chilled beam cooling system together over 50% of total acquisition and total operation cost are recovered in clean rooms meeting the new international standards ISO-14644 and ISO-14698, as well as USP <797>.

Beneficial Features:

  • Vector Air Flow Systems are less costly than conventional systems.
  • Vector Air Flow is cleaner at the critical application point for most applications.
  • Curved Vector Air Flow Filters:
    • Are structurally stronger.
    • Last longer between changes.
    • Can withstand a higher static pressure, less blow outs.
    • Can take high shocks and vibrations, reducing risk of damage during shipping, installation and operation.
    • Are compacts and produce 30% more clean air per cubic volume of space.

The Chilled Beam uses only recycled tap water . Uses No Freon or other chemicals. No electrical power Makes No noise, No Vibration, and low maintenance.

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