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A proven, efficient, cost savings, compact, energy saving, stronger, quieter and simpler clean air supply system for all types of cleanrooms and associated clean environments, required to meet the various classifications of cleanliness in the new International Standards ISO
14644 and ISO 14698 and USP <797>.

Regardless of the type of architectural floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, pass-thou, change rooms and cleanroom design the Vector Airflow system using arc shaped HEPA/ULPA filters save the clean air supply cost in the range of 30% to 33% in installation, electrical energy and air-conditioning costs.

Vector Filters have longer life and have served Medical, Surgical, pharmaceutical, electronics and recording industry with 10- year average life between filter replacements. The U.S. Government has successfully used Vector air systems in strategic military applications and in State funded biological hazardous BSL3 safety labs using a Vector air systems. Patents covering the Vector Air Systems are now over 17 years old and the technology is shared world wide. A semi-automatic Vector filter production machine enclosed in a Vector Air ISO Class 5 cleanroom has been designed to further reduce the cost of Vector airflow systems, while providing maximum quality, along with high production.

Optional Chilled Beam: Virtually free air cooling is provided by a truly (green) chilled beam located directly behind the vector filter bank along its full width.

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