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Laboratory Cleanrooms

Stem Cell Research and Production Mini-Lab

Stem Cell Research Lab

An Efficient, compact and affordable Mini-Lab was constructed from modular cleanroom components in the Scholler Scientific Warehouse located In Santa Ana Ca. The Mini-Lab was then donated and installed by Scholler family members in the former Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in LaJolla Ca.

Includes: Anti-Room – Change Room – LN2 Storage – Refrigerator – Clean Room Garment Storage – Gas Storage -Incubators – Exhaust Hood – Microscopes

Optional: Chilled Beam Cooling System and/or Led Cleanroom Lighting

Dr. Carol Kruse obtained F.D.A. approval to carry on her stem cell research in developing a cure for Brain Tumors. The successful program has now been acquired by the prestigious Burnham Institute for Medical Research, LaJolla CA.


The Department of Public Heath, Humboldt County, Eureka, CA received federal government money to secure a new Biological Safety laboratory, BSL – 3. They needed it promptly and the plan required that all incoming outside air into the Lab be HEPA filtered 99.99% efficient.

There was no time available to remodel the existing 1930 era lab building. Existing laboratory could not be shut down because of a critical workload. Available government funds had a deadline for completion. • Weather was a significant factor to rebuilding • Red tape had to be cut.

Bob Scholler had developed plans for modular clean room laboratories for many applications. The pre designed, pre engineered, pre built, pre tested and pre commissioned modular clean room structure proved most economical when delivered intact to the lab site. The slab is a flat, concrete base to which the lab is bolted to withstand in excess of 100 mph hurricane winds. The Slab could also 44444444444 parking structural, parking lot pavement bridge deck skip or barge deck, flat bed truck/trailer airport tarmac runway off shore platform. The truly turn key lab was placed on the slab Oct. 19, 2205 just nine months after contract was signed therefore saving over a year of ————- required demolition, building permit drawings, approval, inspections, change orders, on site commissioning and final acceptance.

Special features of the BSL-3 Lab:

  • All steel fireproof construction
  • Single pass clean airflow
  • No re………….
  • 100% HEPA filtered outside air supply to laboratory 100% exhaust triple filtered thru 99.99% efficient HEPA filters and ASHRAE pre filters.
  • Redundant bag in bag out exhaust filter system.
  • No shut down to change exhaust filter
  • Emergency power – lights air flow exhaust Critical instruments Remote blower master automatic controls
  • Emergency safety.
  • Remote power source
  • Exterior 16 ga. Steel epoxy coated
  • Interior – ADA compliant
  • TELL 24 compliant
  • Air American..
  • Cpc
  • Ashrae
  • Usp


  • No construction crew required on site
  • Re-locateable at low cost
  • Lab is ready to operate upon delivery
  • Convenient standard lab layout
  • Rapid orientation and function of lab personal Vector HEPA filter air supply designed for long life, low down time.
  • Single pass bio clean airflow
  • Future upgrade to BSL-4 possible
  • Taxed as equipment – rapid depreciation
  • The transportable lab structure can accommodate over 50 ………… lab function anywhere One of the safest placed to be in the event of a bio spill accident or bio terror act ……….. a bls 3 lab environment Total cost 10-20% less than stock built laboratories with the same PLUS features.
  • Total cost truly fixed $600,000 fixed little or no unknown costs Little or no weather ………….
  • Little or no construction delays
  • Little or no time.

Benefits to the laboratory personnel:

  • Safe secure facility to work in
  • Comfortable environment
  • Modern convenient lab plan
  • Excellent training facility
  • Predictable atmosphere
  • Upgradable
  • Rapid accommodation to new equipment

Attachment D.1 (not typed into this but inside folder)

LAF is most compatible with economical GREEN closed chilled water-cooling systems.
LAF provides the most compact clean air supply per cubic area of space LAF is clean, cool and quiet in all locations LAF HEPA ULPA and VULPA filters last longer, trap and hold more contaminants safely and have the greater shock and vibration resistance LAF offers utilizes a most safe filter change out for contaminated filters Bag in Box Out Each filter is supplied in an individually wrapped – sealed bag
———— individual airtight box ——–, which is removed at installation.
The box is used to safely contain used contaminated filters safely sealed for disposal.

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